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I am a Food Photographer & Food Stylist who loves capturing the vibrancy of whole foods and a Culinary Creator who is happiest when baking and cooking in the kitchen. I love getting creative with wholesome foods and I believe visually appealing imagery and colourful ingredients help to create a lifestyle full of inspiration and nourishment.


Food Styling

There are so many elements that go into a perfectly curated scene. Colour stories, props, texture and composition are just a few of the elements needed to capture a vibrant image.

My goal is to style food in a way that shines through the camera and craft a scene that evokes a specific feeling and story.

Achieve your desired vision with a combination of my styling and photography skills.

Food Photography

My mission is to help brands elevate their products and recipes through stunning imagery. My goal is to capture the full experience including behind-the-scenes, the human element, the atmosphere and more! I want to help you tell a story, create captivating images and take your brand to the next level.


I can help with social media content, restaurant content, website content and more. 

Recipe Development

I love playing around in the kitchen, it is truly my happy place. Recipe development is something I offer along with my food photography services. I love taking the products you have carefully designed and incorporating them into mouth watering recipes.

Let's connect to see if your products and recipe vision align with my development style! 


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"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." - James Beard

The smell. The textures. The colours. The atmosphere. The human element. The magic created from start to finish.

Let's rediscover the power of food. Becoming more involved in the process of making your meals and styling your plate creates a deeper appreciation for how you fuel your body and your connection to food on a variety of levels. Through vibrant imagery, radiant colours and delicious recipes, we believe that your inspiration will flourish and creativity will soar.